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Colour My Own Shoes

Welcome to our exclusive colour-my-own shoes collection.  In here you'll find a variety of canvas shoes that you can colour in yourself.

These are a great gift for tweens and teens who want to make a statement and show their creativity to the world!

Special Launch Promotion for August 2021!  If you send us some photos and a video of someone colouring in your shoes and give us the full rights to use them in marketing (no faces needed - just hands & pens), we will give you the choice of a full refund of one pair of shoes, OR, a store credit for another pair of colour-in shoes for free.  

How cool is that?! - a free pair of shoes in exchange for your creative content.

To claim, just email our customer care team at and mention the Free Colour In Shoes Promo.


Here's more detail on how the promotion works:

You = Customer 

We/Us = Later Gator

1. You purchase shoes and we ship to you.

2. You colour in the shoes and create some content in the process. For example 1 x video of them being coloured in, and a few photos of the results, and in-progress photos. (note: it doesn't need to be 'professional quality', we just want genuine usage content)

3. You provides the files to us, via email or a Streamable (upload/download) link if the file is too large to attach over email.

4. We give the you a choice of a full refund on the shoes you already have (making them free), or if you want another pair, we can provide a store credit so you can purchase another pair at no cost to you.

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