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Why Everyone Needs Home Security Cameras

Why Everyone Needs Home Security Cameras

When it comes to us and our families, we value safety above all else. We make sure our kids look both ways before crossing the street, we lock up our homes, cars, and offices to make sure they are secure, and we teach our children not to talk to strangers. With all the precautions we take it’s understandable if you feel like that’s enough, but there’s one simple thing you can do to ensure that your home stays completely safe, no matter where you are. In our opinion, every home should have security cameras in place, and here’s why.

Why You Need Home Security Cameras

Protect from theft and trespassing

First we have the obvious reason. Home security cameras protect you if someone is trying to break into your home. With systems like this eight channel security camera, all the cameras are fitted with motion detectors. If any unauthorised motion is detected you will get an email immediately, prompting you to check the live feed and contact the authorities if anything is amiss. This means that you will never be caught unaware. Having cameras is also a visual deterrent for intruders, making your home a less likely target.


Monitor home while away

Gone are the days when you had to ask a neighbour or friend to check in on the house when you’re away. With remote access you can check up on your home in real time from anywhere in the world. Check out this 2 x wireless camera set (for $99.90) that lets you log in to your feed from your phone or laptop. This is great not only for making sure everything is in order, but also for online shopping. We frequently get requests that deliveries are placed in view of security cameras so that people can keep an eye on them from work and deter theft.


Lower home insurance rates

Have you looked at your home insurance policy lately? Some providers will happily provide a hefty discount if you have a home security system. By getting surveillance cameras you are making your home less likely to be broken into, which is a massive plus in the eyes of your insurer. Have a look and see how much you could save by getting home security cameras.

Peace of mind

One of the most valuable things you can get from home security cameras is peace of mind. Feel confident that, whether you’re at home or away, there is an added line of defence around your home. With this peace of mind you will enjoy holidays more, you won’t worry when you aren’t home to collect a package, and you won’t freak out when you hear a bump in the night. You can just check the live feed and then move on.

Home security cameras are definitely something worth investing in for your home. They are super affordable nowadays, and you can pay for it later with Afterpay making your home safer, sooner. Browse our range of security cameras to find something that will suit your needs.

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