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Tips On Renovating Your Backyard

Tips On Renovating Your Backyard


Are you thinking of renovating your backyard, but have no idea where to start? Planning and pulling off a stunning backyard makeover can be easy and affordable to do. Here are a few things to think about before you even get your hands dirty, and some great tips that will help along the way.

Backyard Renovation Ideas

Create a Blank Canvas

The first step in any renovation is to get rid of what you no longer want in the space, and the same goes for backyard renovations. Is there a tree you know you need to get rid of, or maybe it’s finally time to tackle those weeds? Whatever it is, make sure you take the time to clear out the old in your garden so that you can make room for new backyard ideas and plants. We recommend this Chainsaw to make quick work of any unwanted trees or branches hanging around.

Go With The Flow

While you may have a grand vision to transform your backyard into a picturesque English garden, you should first consider what your backyard can do for you. Moving soil, paving new areas, and keeping plants alive in the wrong climate for them can be expensive and time consuming. 

Instead of having a fixed vision and refusing to budge on it, try to go with the flow. Embrace the natural lay of your land and design with it, using local plants that will thrive. 

If you do have your heart set on a specific plant that needs a different environment, you can always use a Hydroponic Grow Tent or a Greenhouse.

Start Small

When doing a backyard makeover, we understand the desire to have a big reveal of a magazine-ready backyard with giant hedges and trees at the end of your labour. The downside to this is that buying full grown plants can be extremely expensive compared to starting with smaller plants and growing them over time. 

Take the time to plant small. It may make for a less dramatic reveal in the short term, but over time you will get exactly the garden you want at a fraction of the price. If you do decide to plant your own hedges, keep them neat and tidy with this handy Cordless Chainsaw and Trimmer. You’ll be on the cover of Better Homes & Gardens in no time.

Add Some Decor

Don’t forget that a backyard renovation isn’t just about the plants. To truly give your backyard a makeover, add some finishing touches. Whether it’s a hammock under a tree, a fire pit to gather around in winter, or a water fountain to tie the space together, have a think about functional decor that could add something special to the area.


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