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5 Quirky Money Saving Tips

5 Quirky Money Saving Tips

Struggling to save? Putting money in the bank can be harder than it seems, but there are plenty of ways to penny pinch that you may never have thought of. Here are a few unique ways to save your hard earned cash.


1. Secret Santa

Christmas is coming up, and as well as being the most wonderful, it can also stack up to being the most expensive time of year. Did you know the average Australian says that they plan to spend around $785, on Holiday Shopping alone?!  

Secret Santa is the perfect solution to this. Organise a few groups for your family, friends, or work and you will only have to buy a handful of presents rather than a slew of expensive gifts. Using a site like can make the process a breeze. With this method you will save a fortune over the holiday season. 


2. DIY cleaning products

Pretty much every cleaning product you need in your home, from detergent to disinfectant and even bleach, can be made with three simple and relatively cheap ingredients: bicarb, vinegar, and lemon. Stock up on these and you have replaced all expensive and harmful cleaners at once. Vinegar mixed with water and lemon makes a great all purpose cleaner and bicarb and vinegar reacts to make an all natural bleach. You’ll be saving money and your own health with every clean.


3. Meal delivery services

This may sound like the opposite of saving money, but hear us out. Indulging in fast foods because you don’t have the time to cook can really do a number on your wallet, not to mention your health. Meal delivery services do the shopping and a lot of the prep for you, so all you have to do is throw the meal together. This saves time and therefore money.

4. Cut your own hair

This one may not be for everyone, but learning to cut your own hair will likely save you thousands in the long run, especially if you have long luscious locks. Think about how much money you spend at the salon each year, even for “just a trim”, and it usually never turns out exactly how you envisioned anyway. Invest some time (just YouTube it!) in learning to cut it yourself so that you become a pro and can give yourself the perfect cut every time.



5. Turn everything off

Finally, energy use is a massive money pit. Everything from petrol to electricity can slowly be chipping away at your savings without you even realising it. The solution? Turn everything off. If you’re stuck at traffic lights, cut the engine to save on fuel. Before you leave the house or go to bed, turn all your appliances off at the wall. These little changes can save more money than you would think.



There are plenty of little ways to save from day to day that can make a big difference in the long run. One way to keep track of your finances is to stagger your payments with Afterpay, zipPay, or Oxipay. Check out our store, full of homewares that you can pay for later.

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