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Later Gator Now Offers ZipMoney

Later Gator Now Offers ZipMoney

We have a big announcement Gators! Later Gator now offers ZipMoney to make your big purchases easier.


Why Use ZipMoney?

We already offer ZipPay, Afterpay, and Laybuy, so you may be wondering what ZipMoney is bringing to the table and why you should use it. The answer is simple, ZipMoney lets you buy higher priced items now and pay for them later.

Most pay later services such as the ones we provide will only let you purchase products up to a certain amount. For ZipPay, this amount is $1000. If you’re purchasing a product above that price, the first $1000 can be put on a payment plan, but the remainder would have to come immediately out of your bank account.

ZipMoney allows you to purchase items in between the range of $1000 and $5000 on Later Gator. Just like ZipPay, the monthly fees and minimum repayments remain the same. The main differences that come with this higher allowance is the interest free period. ZipPay is interest free forever, while ZipMoney is only interest free for up to 6 months. To give you access to a larger balance, ZipMoney also requires a one off sign up fee.

If you need reliable and affordable assistance with your higher priced purchases, ZipMoney is perfect for you. It allows you to make those big purchases without having to have all or most of the money upfront, instead giving you the chance to pay in installments while already enjoying and using your purchase.

To apply for ZipMoney, click here, and when you get to our checkout you can select the Zip icon as your payment option.


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