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How to Set Up and Use Hydroponic Grow Tents

How to Set Up and Use Hydroponic Grow Tents


Gardening is a wonderful hobby, but sometimes Australia’s climate and weather conditions can hold you back from growing the plants you want to grow. This is why a hydroponic grow tent is the perfect addition to any green thumb’s backyard, shed, or garage. They allow you to control everything from the temperature and humidity to the lighting, creating the perfect home to grow healthy and happy plants.

Learn all about how to set up and use a hydroponic grow tents here.

How to Set Up and Use Hydroponic Grow Tents

Choose Your Tent

The first thing to consider is what type of hydroponic grow tent you’re looking for. To do this, first assess your needs. What is it that you’re planning to grow? How many plants do you want to fit in your tent? If you want to plant a full herb or veggie garden, choose something with a reasonable amount of ground space like this 2.4m by 1.2m tent. For a small tent to just keep one plant, this Shelf Kit will do the job.

All of the tents sold on Later Gator are sturdy and easy to set up so that you can start gardening in no time.


Fans and Filters

Once you have chosen your hydroponic grow tent and it’s set up, now is the time to install an air filtration system. This is an important part of the grow tent if you want to aid the plant’s growth. By filtering the air and keeping it circulating, your plants will always have fresh air to thrive in.

For a complete fan, filter, and ventilation system, check out this Ventilation Kit. This kit has everything you need to control and optimise the airflow in your tent, and is easily assembled and used.


Grow Lights

The last thing you will need to make your hydroponic grow tent the perfect environment for your plants is lighting. When growing any type of plant, giving it the proper amount of light will make the difference between it flourishing and failing. There are lights specifically designed to create the optimum light patterns for the growth of certain plants.

Install the Grow Light into your hydroponic grow tent to have complete control over the light exposure for your plants. These are easy to install and mimic the ideal outdoor lighting patterns, all the while emitting a specific type of light that is perfect for photosynthesis.



Once you have set up your hydroponic grow tent with the appropriate fans, filters, and lights, you are ready to grow absolutely anything! Make sure you choose the right tent and accessories for your plant type for the best chance of success.

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