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Choosing and Installing the Best Security Cameras for Your Home

Choosing and Installing the Best Security Cameras for Your Home


When it comes to keeping your family and home safe, the best way to go about it is to ward off invaders and keep an eye on everything at the same time. Home security cameras do just that. Whether you’re home or far from it, you can always check in on your house while your well-placed home security cameras act as a warning to any invaders. But how do you know what is the best security camera for your home, or how to install security cameras in your home?

What Is The Best Security Camera For My Home?

The best security cameras for your home will largely depend on the size of your house and property. Overall, what you’re looking for are cameras that can record or stream clearly in the dark, are weatherproof, power outage protected, and offer remote access so that you can tap into them from anywhere to check on the safety of your home. We’ve broken down which camera systems suit which properties and why.

Single Camera Systems

If you are only worried about one area of your home or property, a Single Camera System could be right for you. Perhaps your property only has one entrance, or a particular area of your home is exposed or frequently vandalised. Keep in mind that a single camera will only capture one angle, so ensure you position it correctly so that there are no blind spots.

Two Camera Systems

If you live in a townhouse where only the front and back of your property are exposed, capture all your entrances with a Two Camera System. This is perfect for homes that have shared walls on either side. Simply position one camera at the front of the home and the other at the back.

Four Camera Systems

Four Camera Systems are perfect for square or rectangular houses sitting on a regular-sized suburban block. With four cameras, you can place one on each corner of the house. This should capture every side of the home without leaving any blind spots, as long as there are no other structures or obstructions on your property.

Five+ Camera Systems

If your home is an irregular shape, on a large property, or surrounded by obstructions, consider investing in a Six Camera System or an Eight Camera System. These larger systems will allow you to cover all your blind spots and ensure that no area of your property or home is overlooked.

Installing Security Cameras

Have no idea how to install security cameras in your home? Believe it or not, you don’t need a professional to install your home security cameras for you. Install is usually as simple as screwing your cameras in place and plugging everything in. Exact installation instructions will be included with whichever home security system you purchase, and many have an user friendly app. We can also assist with setup and troubleshooting over email should you need extra assistance.

Looking for the perfect home security cameras? Browse our Home Security Collection to find the right style, fit, and function for your home.

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