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Basic Appliances For a New Home

Basic Appliances For a New Home

When moving into your first home, filling it can be a daunting task. You may be eager to fill your home with your own personal style, but it is important to get the basics sorted before you enter the world of interior design and decor. If all you have so far is a bed and a laptop, this checklist will take you through the essential appliances for any home.

Before you check out this list and panic over your budget, remember that everything sold on Later Gator can be paid for later with Afterpay, zipPay, or Laybuy. This means that you can get all your home essentials now and pay for them in installments, allowing you to live in your dream home sooner.

First Home Essentials Checklist

Fridge With Freezer

One thing every Australian home needs is a good fridge and freezer. A fridge with a freezer is one of the first home essentials you should invest in if you want any fresh food in your diet. For a terrific basic fridge and freezer that will fit in most kitchens, check out the Kelvinator Top Mount Fridge. If you would prefer something a little bigger for your home, this Haier Side By Side Fridge is a great option for ample storage and easy access.


Any basic kitchen needs a microwave. Whether you need it to heat up leftovers or as a handy kitchen aid, a microwave is one of those staples that makes cooking that much easier. There are many different types of microwaves that suit different needs. If you are looking for something powerful and sleek, this 1100W Microwave will be perfect, but if you’re on a budget this 700W Microwave will do the trick.


Another must-have kitchen staple is a toaster. If you have ever slept through your alarm you will know how lifesaving a toaster can be for a quick brekky on your way to work. Besides, how can you enjoy your Sunday morning avocado on toast without the toast? This Sunbeam Toaster will give you 4 perfectly toasted slices every time.

Washing Machine

Washing clothes is something we are all guilty of avoiding, but it’s one of those chores that needs doing. Investing in a good washing machine will make the process that much easier. First consider what type of washing machine suits you and your space. The Esatto Top Load is great if you have ample space, while this Euromaid Front Load is best in a tight spot.

Vacuum Cleaner

One appliance that is especially handy throughout the moving in process is a vacuum cleaner. With all the foot traffic and unpacking you are bound to end up with plenty of messes, and a vacuum cleaner on hand will make the clean up much easier. This Vax Power corded vacuum is a go-to choice, or if you prefer a more portable option a Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Vacuum is the way to go.


An appliance that every home needs is without a doubt a dishwasher. Whether you’re living alone or have little ones running around, the dishes seem to always pile up, which can be a massive pain as you’re moving inl. A new dishwasher like this Freestanding Silver Dishwasher will take care of the hard part, freeing up some time for you to work on your new home.


So far we have covered the practicalities, but now it is time to address the entertainment in your new home. A TV gives you access to multiple forms of entertainment from your living room, and so is a must-have essential, allowing you to unwind in your new home. There are plenty of TV sizes and styles, from 49 Inch Smart TVs to 24 Inch Basic Screens, so choose the right size and type of TV for your home and needs.

Electric Kettle

After all the heavy lifting of moving into a new home, all you want at the end of the day is a nice cuppa. This is why an electric kettle has capped off this list. Nothing will take away the stress of moving like a nice hot cup of tea, so check out this Compact Kettle and enjoy your first relaxing cup of tea in your new home.

Once you have the above basics that will get you settled, you can start the fun part of decorating and personalising your home. For decor inspiration make sure you check out our Home & Garden Collection, and remember that everything from Later Gator can be paid for later with Afterpay, zipPay, or Laybuy.


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