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Afterpay vs. zipPay

With the multiple ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ options available with Later Gator, you can fill up your cart and have the flexibility to pay off your purchases weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Here’s what you need to know about these ‘new ways to pay’.

Both Afterpay and zipPay act very similar in that you’re extended a line of credit and allowed to take delivery of your products immediately.

Later Gator and your chosen payment processor takes on board any risk, any fees associated with transactions, and all you have to do it make regular payments.

They are both simple to sign up for during the checkout process, and you can view and manage purchases and payments via the respective member account once you’ve signed up.

Afterpay requires a valid credit/debit card to sign up, while zipPay requires either a card or bank account. Both processors will take regular direct debits out of your account.

The difference between the two comes down to flexibility, repayments and fees.

Afterpay debits quarterly payments each fortnight, and you can’t make any changes to this payment schedule. While with zipPay, you’re free to choose whether payments come out weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Afterpay will debit a quarter of your purchase price every fortnight. If the money isn’t in your account, you’ll be given 24 hours to make the payment before being charged a $10 fee. A further $7 will be charged if the payment remains unpaid after 7 days. Afterpay does not charge interest on your purchases.

zipPay offers more flexibility in payments, as long as your purchases in one calendar month are paid in full by the last day of the following calendar month. For example, if you purchase something on the 15th of September, you’ve got until the 31st of October to pay it off. You’ll be charged a $5 maintenance fee each month that you carry a balance past this initial period.

Here’s a table to make your comparison easier:

 Interest Free Period  No Interest  No Interest
 Repayment Term  8 Weeks  End of the following month from your purchase date (Up to 60 days).
 Upfront Fees  No  No
 Ongoing Fees  No  No
 Late Payment Fees

 - $10 for missed payment

 - $7 if it remains unpaid for 7 days

 $5 / month when you carry a balance past the original term.
 Payment Frequency  Fortnightly  Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
 Payment Flexibility  No, you cannot change the payment schedule.  Yes, you can change your payment schedule.
 Automatic Deductions   Credit/Debit Card  Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account

 - Australian resident

 - At least 18 years old

 - Have a valid and verifiable email address and mobile number

 - Be capable of entering into a legally binding agreement

 - Use an Australian credit or debit card to make the purchase

 - Australian resident

 - At least 18 years old

 - Have a valid email address and mobile phone number

 - Employed

 - Earn more than $300 per week

 Credit Score  Afterpay reserves the right to report negative activity to credit providers.  zipPay reserves the right to report negative activity to credit providers.
 More Information


Make sure you consider all aspects of each platform before you decide which provider is right for you.

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