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6 Storage Ideas for Your Home

6 Storage Ideas for Your Home


Are you short on space and storage in your home? Whether your kitchen is too small, your kid’s room is out of control, or you just have too many shoes, there is a stylish and functional solution to your storage problems. Here are the 6 best storage ideas for your home that will save space, organise your home, and look great.

Maximise Your Space with These Storage Hacks

How To Make the Most of Small Spaces

We all have those tiny, awkward spaces in our home that feel too small to use. This is where you need to get creative with your storage ideas. We challenge you to change the way you see your small spaces and turn them into functional storage areas. 

Shoe Cabinet – 36 Pairs

Have a tiny office? You can use this narrow Shoe Cabinet as a filing system that hugs the wall. Have a pokey corner where nothing fits? This Corner Wall Shelf could be the perfect size for some stylish storage. 

These simple storage hacks can transform your small spaces from unusable ‘dead zones’ to functional and stylish areas.


Where to Store Outdoor Clutter

Unless you have a shed in your backyard, chances are you have an outdoor clutter station. This is where all of your gardening tools, hose attachments, and unused pots accumulate into a big messy pile. 

Not only is this unattractive to look at, but it’s also not great for the items themselves as they are constantly exposed to weather changes that will limit their lifespan over time. The solution? A Weatherproof Outdoor Storage Box to protect all of your gardening goods.

Do You Have Too Many Shoes?

There is no such thing as too many shoes! The only trick is finding a place to store them all. For your everyday shoes, keep them in a convenient spot by the door.

This Bench has inbuilt shoe storage so that you can easily see your shoes and have somewhere to sit as you put them on while you’re heading out the door. As for your other 50 pairs, this Stackable Rack lets you keep them all in one place without taking up much room.

Turn Your Overflowing Closet into a Design Moment

If your closet is overflowing with clothes that you aren’t willing to get rid of, it’s time to put those clothes you love on display. This Garment Rail is the perfect storage idea to display your favourite clothing items while creating more room in your closet. You can also hang up your outfits for the week, making your week more organised.

Tackle Your Kid’s Clutter

There is probably one room in your house that won’t stay clean no matter what you do. Your kid’s room. While keeping this space neat and tidy all the time may be impossible, there is a storage hack that can help. Use colour-coded storage, like this Toy Organiser, to store all of their favourite toys. This way each colour can represent a different category of toys, making clean-up-time a fun sorting game instead of a chore.

Is Your Kitchen Too Small?

The last storage tip we have is for everyone who wishes they had more space in their kitchen. This Kitchen Storage Buffet will add usable storage and bench space to your kitchen without the hassle of a full kitchen renovation. You can use it as a buffet, or get creative and make it your brand new kitchen island. 

Looking for more awesome storage ideas? Check out our complete Storage Collection to find the perfect storage solution for your home. Read more of our blog for more helpful articles.


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