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2021's Best Buy Now Pay Later Gifts

2021's Best Buy Now Pay Later Gifts


You might have already considered Buy Now, Pay Later for gifts, but it's more than just a nifty way to buy your friends and family really nice things for Christmas. It's also an excellent way to flatten the cost curve on the holiday season! Whether you're saving up for next year or looking to make save some extra money this month, here are ways that Buy Now, Pay Later gifts can help you out!

1. Portable compact blender and chopping system

Despite its compact footprint, there is no shortage of what you can do with this Cuisinart blender. It’s a great appliance for those who are always on the go. The streamlined profile makes it simple to operate the unit with just one hand. Controls for high and low speeds, as well as a pulse option, will take the process out of processing.


2. Professional spray tan machine

This Spray Tan Machine will give you a glamorous bronzed tan at home in minutes. It features a quiet and powerful motor, along with an improvised spray gun that emits superfine mist - creating an even and streak-free coverage for the perfect finish. The improved features on this Spray Tan Machine will give you stunning look.


3. Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The new Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper adds an extra level of comfort to help you get your much-needed sleep. The gel-infused memory foam is constructed with over 1,000 supporting points that help distribute body weight evenly throughout the mattress, eliminate motion disturbance, and dissipate body heat to make your rest soothing and undisturbed. Best of all, it is thoughtfully constructed with anti-allergy, dust mite and mould resistant materials to keep your body allergen-free and provide you a more relaxing sleep at any time of the day. An ideally perfect mattress topper that provides exceptional relief to your whole body while you sleep.

4. Gaming Office Chair

The chair for every serious gamer; or perhaps the smart working executive who loves the adrenaline of occupying a gaming chair. Whatever drives you, our all-metal frame Magnum Gaming Chair is the ultimate for movers and shakers like yourself. Upholstered in premium faux leather, the chair seat is richly padded thanks to its high-density injection-moulded foam, and yet firm in the right places. Up, down and all around, the high-back body wrap chair can be adjusted for height with its gas lift and rotates 360° to face any direction. Better still, the chair can be reclined up to 135° and locked in position. Together with the fully rotatable and height-adjustable armrests, the chair also comes with detachable head and lumbar cushions for extra support when you need it. 

5. Pet Sofa Cover

The Pet's Reversible Sofa Cover  allows you to switch between colours to best suit your décor while providing a breathable cover for your lounge to reduce animal odours. As an added bonus, this cover keeps fur off the couch and reduces the potential for your pets to scratch and gnaw while keeping fur off the couch. Keep your furniture attractive, get a reversible pet sofa cover.


Whether you're saving up for next year or looking to make save some extra money this month, Buy Now, Pay Later gifts can help you out. You might have already considered it for Christmas presents but there are many other ways this approach could be beneficial during the holiday season and beyond.

All of our products come with a no-interest payment plan so your loved ones will love their gift even more when they know how easy it was to get! Shop our store today and see all we offer in terms of Buy Now, Pay Later items!

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