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10 Insanely Cool Products You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Online in Australia

10 Insanely Cool Products You Didn’t Know You Could Buy Online in Australia

It is a well-known fact that the online shopping world has been growing exponentially for many years now. In Australia, more than 10 million people shop on the internet every month and it's not hard to see why. With so many new services popping up all over the place, it can be difficult to know which ones you should be using and what benefits they actually offer. 

That's where we come in! We have compiled a list of 10 insanely cool products that you didn't know existed but will probably want to buy as soon as possible!

Check out these exciting stocked products:

1. 3d Printer, from imagination to reality!

Imagine a world where you could just conjure up anything and print it out. Fast-forward to the present and we can now do this with 3D printers! If we can imagine an item, it may be possible to bring it to reality? 

These machines offer many possibilities at home as well - children could design and make their own toys, and adults with an interest in crafts might enjoy making things like jewellery or phone cases. The Creality 3D printer has the potential to bring your imagination to life. 



2. A portable power generator for emergency use

A lot of people don't think it is necessary to have a generator if they live in an urban area, but power outages still occur in metropolitan areas and these generators can be very useful. They could prove to be more beneficial than you may have thoughtWhether you're on vacation and your rental property doesn't have electricity or you need power after a natural disaster has taken out the grid in your area, having a portable power generator can come in mighty handy!

Who knows what could happen at any given time and we all want to be prepared just in case! This portable power generator can help keep your family safe during an emergency situation.



4. A robot vacuum cleaner to clean your house even when you’re away

You may be aware of robot vacuum cleaners and know that they are very effective! You can now be away from home, leaving it to clean your floors. It has sensors to avoid stairs, wires, and other objects in its path so there are no concerns about safety. With a powerful suction capacity, it successfully cleans away dirt and dust bunnies on carpet.

This gadget is perfect for people who value their leisure hours. Say goodbye to wasted time spent vacuuming or sweeping floors because this robotic helper does it all for you.


5. An automatic pet feeder for the days when you can't make it home early enough to feed them

Sometimes it’s necessary to be away from your pet for an extended period. At other times busy lifestyles make it difficult to be home to provide food to your pet on schedule. By using an automatic pet feeder, you can relax in the knowledge that your pet’s meals are available on demand. The sealed, large capacity storage bin means that the food supply remains healthy and secure until required.

Your furry friend might miss you while you’re away, but at least it won’t miss its feeding times. It's a win-win situation really!



6. A smartwatch that can be programmed to do anything you want, including tracking exercise and sleep patterns

One of the most popular pieces of technology in recent years has been smartwatchesThese watches are super convenient, and allow you to track your fitness progress with just a few taps on your wrist.

There are also some other great features too, like being able to record your steps and your heart rate. You'll have feedback on how many calories you've burned throughout the day. So if you're trying to get fit this year, this could be the perfect tool for you!



7.  A laptop stand so your screen is at eye level (especially useful if you spend lots of time on your computer)

 Here's a bargain that will keep your back from hurting, your neck from being stiff and your eyes from getting strained - all at the same time!  The laptop stand is engineered to allow you to work in a seated position so it puts less strain on the spine. It also has a cooling pad for laptop users who position their notebooks on their laps or for those who may use it as an entertainment center while streaming or watching TV.

This product not only saves you money by making sure you can work comfortably but it also helps prevent future pain and discomfort which means more savings down the road. Isn't this worth every penny?



8. A coffee table with built-in storage which frees up floor space! 

When we bought our first home, we were thrilled to finally have a place of our own. But it came with one problem - not enough space for all the things! We started looking for solutions and found this unique coffee table that has built-in storage so you can free up some floor space! Not only does it look great, but it's practical too.


9. An organic mattress made from natural materials like cotton and wool

 If you're looking for an organic mattress, but don't want to break the bank then this is the post for you! We all know that buying an expensive bed can seem like a bad investment. However, if you're not sleeping well it's going to affect your day-to-day activities and mood. That means that in order to maximize your wellness and productivity you need one of these mattresses made from natural materials such as cotton and wool. The good news is that these mattresses are at a fraction of the price you might have paid. It will be worth every penny when you can sleep soundly through the night with no aches or pains!  

The best part? You don't even need any extra pillows because they are so comfortable - plus, they have great warranties too!


10. These amazing headphones with noise cancellation technology, so they work even when there is a lot of background noise around you

Do you know the feeling of being in crowded public transport and struggling to hear your music? Or when at work, you're trying to focus on something but loud noises distract you from your tasks?

Well, this blog post is for all those people who need some peace and quiet.  Lately I've been looking for headphones with noise cancellation technology because it's so hard to find the right ones that offer both quality sound AND relief from external noise! But luckily I found these amazing over-the-ear wireless headphones offering top-notch audio quality plus an active noise cancelling function.


If you’ve got your shopping list ready, now it is time for you to find the best way for you to buy now and pay later. Visit us today and explore all of the possibilities!

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